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You have a beauty routine or something like that?
Just being healthy. Health is wealth, and the only way you obtain or maintain that is through nutrition.Ian Somerhalder on Glamour Brazil Interview 

favorite character meme ;; three emotions [1/3]
elena + happy




1.01 // 5.22

Ian Somerhalder talks about How Boone being killed on Lost affect him

Day 4: Favorite outfits

Katherine Pierce: 1x06 / 2x17 / 2x07 / 2x04

Whenever anyone tells me I can’t do something, I prove them wrong.


Damon & Elena in Season 4 Appreciation Week

Day 4: Best Moment with Hands

There really isn’t much to say except watch this scene. Nothing feels wrong. It’s perfect. They way she grabs his hand to her heart and touches his face. She fights for what she knows deep down is the truth. That it’s real.


rosewoodvampires said: Can I be Finn Mikaelson in your TVD Family? xoxo

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